Aronia tea

100% Natural Fruit Infusion, 50g = 20 cups of infusion


suitable for the whole family
suitable for consumption by diabetics

Instructions for use: Two teaspoons (2,5g) of the product  are brewed in 200ml of hot water after a stay of five minutes strain. It may be flavored with honey and lemon.
Can be consumed hot or chilled at any time of day


Ingredients and nutritional facts

100% aronia pressed fruits.
No preservatives, no synthetic colorants and aromas
Caffeine Free.

Shelf Life: the product keeps quality for 18 months.
Keep the product at room temperature in dry   protected from direct sunlight place. Cans are ideal for this purpose. Stored in a box, the product can be stored up to 18 months.

Antioxidant activity    (ОRAC method)       280 µmol ТЕ/L

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