Aronia with sour cherry and raspberry

with sour cherry and raspberry – fruit juice with fructose.
(stopped from production)

Сок от аронияApplication:

Ingredients and nutritional facts

Ingredients and nutritional facts

organic aronia juice (>90%), juice of sour cherry and raspberry (< 5 %), fructose (<5%), citric acid.
This juice is made from cold pressed fresh fruits, not from fruit concentrate.
No preservatives, no synthetic colorants, no aromas and emulsifiers.

Nutrition facts/Valeurnutritive per 100 ml
%Daily Value
%valeur quotidienne
Calories 52kcal (218kJ)
Total fat 0g  0%
Saturated/Satures 0g  0%
+ trans/trans  0g  0%
Cholesterol  0mg   0%
Sodium  3mg
Total carbohydrates/Glucides 11,5g 3%
Fructose   8,8g
Proteins/Proteines <0,5g
Vit C 10mg 16%**

Антоцианини 545mg/L*
*изразени в еквиваленти цианидин -3-глюкозид 
Антиоксидантна активност 42000 Units/L
*ОRAC изразенa в µmol ТЕ/L

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