The story about the Aronia and the professor

I am Christo Krachanov and I have dedicated my life to healthy foods. People know me as a man that made Aroniaberry well known. Inspired by the healing aspects of this fruit I created an innovative and unique technology that retains all the beneficial components of the fruit. In 1984 I have began producing dietetic drinks based on aronia fruit, after six years of research. We started with fruit syrups, and in 1998 we continued with the nectars from aronia, blackberry and strawberry - the so-called anthocyanin fruits - rich in antioxidants, vitamins and pectin. I found Vitanea company in 2003 and now we are known for our natural, healthy and nutritious beverages. Me and my family, we continue to improve our Vitanea products. Since the creation of our first products till now, we have pursued our dreams of a healthy lifestyle.

Created by Ideas Lab & Studio Kipo