Strawberry & aronia

fruit nectar  1 litre

nektar-yagoda-lightThe biological importance of strawberry fruits is mainly due to the content of anthocyanins, pectin, polyphenols (ellagic acid), vitamins and minerals (K, Ca, Fe, P, Mn,
Sn). Strawberries favour the rapid recovery of natural defensive strengths of the body and improve metabolism. The Strawberry and aronia nectar is suitable for everybody and is an effective way to increase daily antioxidant and fibre  intake.

Suitable for consumption by all age groups. Favorable effect on cardiac and hepatobiliary diseases. Helps  maintaining  the acid-base balance in the body. Suitable for detoxification of heavy metals. Recommended for conditions occurring in amidoza: diabetes, asthma, rickets and others. Suitable for cars diaritichen syndrome.

Ingredients and nutritional facts

Cold pressed strawberry juice and pulp, juice and water extract of aronia fruits, sugar (<8%), citric acid, vitamin C. Fruits minimum 40%.   
This nectar is made from cold pressed fresh fruits not from fruit concentrate.   
Pasteurized.  No preservatives, no synthetic sweeteners, colorants, aromas and emulsifiers.

Nutrition facts/Valeurnutritive per 100 ml
%Daily Value
%valeur quotidienne
Calories  52kcal(220kJ)
Total fat 0g  0%
Saturated/Satures 0g  0%
+ trans/trans  0g  0%
Cholesterol  0mg   0%
Sodium  < 3 mg
Total carbohydrates/Glucides <12g
Fibre/Fibres 1g
 Sugars  <11g
Proteins/Proteines 0.4g
 Vit C 10mg*

*16% GDA
  Antioxidant activity ОRAC method -13100 µmol ТЕ/L

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