Orange & aronia

fruit nectar  with sugar added

portokal-kidsThe orange juice enhances & strengthens the appetite and improves digestion. Due to its aronia(chokeberry) content the nectar is invaluable to the development of young children as it prevents hypovitaminosis and is a great source of vitamin deficiency.

Ingredients and nutritional facts


range juice and fibers, juice and water extract of  aronia, Vit. C,  citric acid, sugar (< 8%). Fruit > 40%.
This nectar is not produced from concentrate, but is made with the juice of 2 different fruits:  orange and aronia.
CALORIES:  52 kcal (225kJ) / 100 ml. Pasteurized.

Natural fruits:1 orange & 10 aronia berries (chokeberries)

Nutrition facts/Valeurnutritive per 100 ml
%Daily Value
%valeur quotidienne
Calories  52kcal (225kJ)
Total fat  0g  0%
Наситени/Saturated/Satures 0g  0%
+ trans/trans  0g  0%
Cholesterol  0mg   0%
 < 3 mg
Total carbohydrates/Glucides
Fibre/Fibres 0.8g  5g
Sugars/Sucre 11g* 
Proteins/Proteines   < 0.1g
Vit C 10mg*

*16% GDA
  Antioxidant activity ОRAC method - 7 300  µmol ТЕ/L

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